About Us

Internash Global Services, LLC “IGS” is a reverse logistic service provider the largest electronic manufacturers and companies seeking a complete global solution allowing customers to focus on what they do the best, growing their business and staying competitive in the market place. IGS, as a group covers service operations across Asia, North America. We have a near site facilities to facilitate rapid turn-around-time, so our customers can have the best service in the shortest amount of time. We continue work with our customers to improve process, drive cost down, and meeting customer’s requirements on a daily basis. By fully understanding the business needs of companies on a global scale, we work with our customers to create the most cost effective, high quality, and speedy solution.

Our Business Focus: Depot Repair Services & Fulfillment/FRU

Our Strength: IGS leading independent provider of reverse logistics and repair services for portable and mobility electronics market. The IGS repairs notebook computers, tablets, smart phones and other electronic devices and also provides sophisticated inventory management solutions for its customers. With facilities in Texas, Ohio, EMEA and APAC, IGS serves many of the world’s leading technology companies, including Top PC makers and Top ODM/OEMs.